This is for clients who are struggling with issues and concerns that are affecting their lives presently.

Clients may be experincing anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and low self confidence.

This could stem back from traumas that have been experienced in the past or present,

All of our team members are trained and experienced psychotherapists. Each psychotherapist or counsellor has their own unique way of working, but you can be guaranteed that they all have one thing in common and that is to help you as much as they can.

They will apply all of their trainings, skills, personal experience and working experience to deliver as much help as they can.

What can I expect from my individual psychotherapy sessions?

Your first session will be an assessment appointment.

Your therapist will ask questions to gain an understnading of the concerns and struggles that you are facing. This will enable your therapist  to ultimately to offer you new perspectives that open up new choices and ways of approaching, managing or coping. The perspectives offered will be based upon a vast knowledge of different theoretical approaches and will be used to benefit you.  If you decide change is necessary, you can work together to identify your choices and their possible effects on your life.