Integrative therapy allows the therapist to use combined therapeutic approaches. This enables the client to experience a bespoke service that is specifically tailored  to meet their specific needs and circumstances.

Everyone is unique. Peoples life experiences are different. Family backgrounds can be diverse and how clients view the world can be as a result of this.

Integrative therapy will take into account personality, confidence, and what is manageable and achievable. If goals are set they will not be too high they will be set at the pace and at the level tat suits the individual.

Life can throw obstacles, problems and situations that the client wasn’t expecting when they very first entered the therapy room. The present problems may need to be worked through and addressed before the original problem can be worked on.

Integrative therapy can consist of:- 


Talking Therapy



Solution Focussed

Motivational Interviewing

Transactional Analysis.

The therapist will be able to use their skills to ascertain which type of therapy would benefit the client the most in the session.

The therapist will be able to utilise all of their training and techniques to the best of their ability.

This type of therapy will help the client to build resources and skills to handle difficult relationships, manage anxiety and work through depression.

The benefits of integrative therapy:-

  • This can help clients to understand themselves more clearly. 
  • It can add clarity and help clients to notice what causes them to feel  challenged in life
  • Clients can learn to be aware of the triggers that cause  unhelpful behaviours that lead to negative feelings, emotions and self beliefs.
  • Therapists are able to support the client in trying new approaches which can result in these new approaches being more productive than previous ones.
  • Limitations can be recognised and worked through allowing room to move beyond them.
  • It can teach clients to integrate different aspects of self i.e. mid, body, emotions and social skills.
  • Goals are able to be set to help clients move toward the life that feels happy and comfortable for them to lead.
  • Clients are able to face their life in a more open, less judgemental way allowing them to be more open to change.