In-person therapy will resume at Benfleet Counselling

The Water Tower sits at the heart of Benfleet, but few know of the function it serves. Built in 1903, it has long looked over the Thames estuary, and its Romanesque red brick architecture remains a beautiful feature.

117 years on for BenfleetCounselling, it offers a refurbished, refreshing, and spacious therapy room, making it a novelty for many clients. Our room has a modern, yet cosy design contributing to a warm and safe space ideal for therapy.

During lockdown, Benfleet Counselling conducted all therapy sessions online, using Zoom. Whilst this is still very much an option, we have decided to resume in person therapy sessions at the Water Tower. We continue to follow advice by the government and will take the utmost safety measures to ensure the health of both clientele and therapists.

Many of us have seen monumental change in our lives throughout the last three months, in some areas for the better, in others perhaps for the worse. No matter your situation, therapy can bridge the gap between your current way of being to a more positive one.

If you are not sure on whether to commit to therapy, it may be useful to know that living a happy and peaceful life is wholly in your capabilities. Often, we are accustomed to accepting living unhappily, not because we want to, but because we become used to it. To put this into context, if one became unhappy, and this persisted over time, eventually the mind will accept it as the normal way of being.  Relative to others you may seem okay, but compared to your potentiality, you may fall short.

Remember, you can never stop growing as a person, and even if you are at your lowest, therapy can help pull you out of the hole, and put you back on the right path. Whatever your situation, or direction your life has taken, we all deserve to heal and experience it positively.

Therapy comes in different shapes and sizes and Benfleet counselling offers a broad scope of techniques which tailor individually around clients, so we can work together to find the best fit. If you are interested, please complete the contact  form or make an enquiry.

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