Whether you are looking for a therapist or are merely interested in the subject matter, it is useful to know the role they play and how they can help you.

A psychotherapist is a practitioner trained in talking therapy, which can assist in dealing with psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Psychotherapists play a pivotal role in guiding clients in the right direction when healing the mind. During sessions, therapists offer various techniques which best enable you to acknowledge, understand, and then process psychological disorders. Collectively the client and therapist can trace back the factors which have led to suffering. Often, traumas and memories become buried in the mind and require much work for them to surface. Much of these can be highly emotional, traumatic, and stressful, but a psychotherapist is well trained in helping you through the process. This makes psychotherapy one of the safest and most accessible ways to help your mind.

A therapist can have several techniques and approaches to assist the minds healing but ultimately it comes from the person receiving the therapy. Because of this, both the client and therapist must work together to piece together the puzzles within. Commitment and honesty are required so one can get the most out of therapy. If a client is not committed, it is counterproductive as they may not be able to adequately process parts of the mind in need ofhealing.

It is important to remember that a therapist is there to help, never to judge, and will always abide by confidentiality measures. Therapy offers a safe space and can catalyse the process of getting your life back in order. Whilst the road may seem dark, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Accessing a better state of mind is perhaps the most important part in improving your life, if you improve your inner world, you will certainly see an improvement in your outer world.

Benfleet Counselling offers a professional, high standard therapy service featuring clinically leading techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR.