Understanding ourselves is something we all value. When we do not understand ourselves, we often suffer and feel alone.

Sharon finally felt understood when she had therapy many years ago, and the growth was profound enough to encourage her training to become a therapist. She dedicates her sessions to ensuring her clients feel understood and guides them into understanding themselves.

One of her clients said, “Working with Sharon was an experience different from trying to talk to my family and friends. This is because she didn’t judge me, and she didn’t tell me what to do. Being with someone trained to listen to help, I could get to the bottom of my problems on my own by learning to understand myself and implement better coping methods.”

When experiencing our life challenges, whether it be struggling with mental health, addiction, or communication problems, the feeling of being a burden to our family and friends is an obstacle. We may find it more challenging to open up and talk honestly about what is going on for us. Sharon knows what it feels like to be told to ‘go and get some help’ in the middle of poor mental health. She understands that there is nothing worse than trying to think straight and looking for help with a head full of racing thoughts, a palpitating heart and the struggle with addictive behaviours.

Sharon offers that listening ear and the empathy we all need in our darker times. She uses her skills, training, and lived experiences to help you identify and work through your struggles. Sharon is an Integrative trained counsellor with over ten years of combined problem-solving expertise in mental health and addiction.