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Benfleet Counselling & Psychotherapy provide an opportunity to explore problems or concerns with a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.

Situated in a beautiful Grade II listed building at the heart of Benfleet, our therapy rooms offer a quiet, tranquil and comfortable space for sessions. This environment enables you to explore your deepest thoughts and emotions free of interruption.

You will learn to uncover your true feelings and let go of emotions and traumas. Therapy offers the opportunity to declutter the mind and promote positive change within your life. Clients report feeling like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders’ after therapy. 

We have therapists trained with many renowned industry-leading techniques. Therefore, therapy sessions are conducted using approaches that best nurture your individual needs and requirements.

How can we help you?

At Benfleet counselling, we have experienced therapists trained to help you in whatever stage of life you are in. They can help you overcome suffering induced by many psychological disorders.

Our therapists use a variety of therapeutic techniques that best suit your requirements. They can help you process, retrain, and restore clarity within the mind. As well as this, they will equip you with the necessary tools to help you with future difficulties. 

Benfleet counselling is driven to transform the mental well being of all clients so they can become the best versions of themselves. It is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about therapy, but it could be the small leap needed to get your life back in order. 



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