Please Note the following clients have given permission for me to share these with you and their identity remains anonymous at all times.

” I chose to have EMDR because I had a lot of issues I hadn’t been able to put behind me and could not get them out of my mind. I found EMDR to be a sucessand it helped me put a lot of my unresolved issues to rest and I was able to move forward with my life. After I had EMDR I found that everything was up, up up from there.”   April 2015


” In February this year I had a road traffic collision and at the time tried to deal with the injuries of the person who I was in collision with while calling the emergency services. To cut the story short I started to suffer flashbacks and sleepless nights so it was suggested that I visited a psychologist for an assessment, I was advised that I would benefit from some EMDR sessions, at first I was a bit sceptical but after my first visit to my counsellor I decided to embrace the sessions and see what happened. My counsellor explained all about the treatment until I was fully aware of what we may endure over the next few sessions. The next three weeks were totally amazing I was taken back to the vision of things around the collision and what emotions I felt at the time, shedding a few emotional moments I genuinely could feel the anger and negativity releasing from my body and positive emotions coming into my thoughts. I know I still have more to get out of my sessions but I am totally amazed how this treatment has worked so far.” October 2015


“The first step on any journey is often the most difficult especially when it concerns mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is difficult to admit that you have a problem especially when you lack confidence in the initial response and perhaps have to deal with bureaucracy when all you want is a friendly chat.

The first step is much easier if based on sound personal recommendation. I was in need of help but dreaded going to my doctor and subsequently meeting with someone who had been ‘assigned’ to me. I wanted to be reasonably relaxed and confident when I went through that door for the first time. I was very fortunate that a colleague mentioned Lorraine and said how helpful and kind she had been.

From the very first moment, I sensed I was in a warm, safe and friendly environment where I would not be judged. Lorraine quickly put me at ease and listened to what I had to say. Over the past eighteen months, Lorraine has helped me move from a very dark place to one where I felt much more at ease with myself. I look forward to our sessions, which are more like a cosy chat with a friend but without the feeling that I am a burden or that I am being judged. Although the sessions are relaxed Lorraine’s professional expertise is self-evident as she has helped me to discover a level of happiness I did not expect to find.”  November 2015

I Am “Enough” and I Am Stronger

I would like to share something very personal that I never thought I could talk about or explain, a dramatic journey in my life that made me realise I am now “enough” and a stronger person.  I am very pleased I could share my thoughts here and I hope my story would inspire other people. ?? 

In these past few months I have been going through a dark path: my dark childhood & my lack of relationship with my father was hunting me, I carried on all those years pretending that I could ignore certain facts and people. Inevitably I got lost in trying to figure out by myself and trying to be strong for people like my children that depend on me. When I thought I had everything under control, tragedy struck, my father in law’s sudden death last September changed my life once again . I realised I had to do something to get back on track. I tried what it’s called Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). It is an integrative psychotherapy approach that has been extensively researched and proven effective for the treatment of traumas. Yes, I went through a few traumas which I stored in an isolated memory network in my brain since I was 4 years old. The therapy uses bilateral stimulation, right/left eye movement which repeatedly activates the opposite sides of the brain, releasing emotional experiences that are “trapped” in the nervous system. What I discovered was remarkable and shocking at the same time. I didn’t realise that for my whole childhood I was told that I was not good enough by my own father & his family. During this therapy I could see absolutely everything! It felt like I was going through my childhood like the pages of a magazine, and as I was turning the pages over and looking at those pictures, those pictures were pictures of me! I saw people and places that I thought I had forgotten, I could even smell and taste certain smells and food. I suddenly saw the page of my 12th birthday, when my dad’s family never said happy birthday to me or gave me a present as they told me I was not worthy to have a celebration. At this moment of the therapy I cried and I sobbed like a child would. That cry was needed just like I needed my father to protect me and tell me I was going to have a birthday party. 

Unfortunately I never had a “normal” birthday celebration that would not end up with a fight . He never made me feel special and this is what hurts the most! My father was never there as a father and he only used me as an accessory, I was his “accessory daughter” for him to show off outside. In the inside, indoors, he did not exist. In my dreams on the other hand I had a vision of him, smiling and proud, holding my hand, I pictured him as this ideal and caring father that I never had. This is why I never had a relationship with him.  I always thought I was a failure and unworthy of his attention and love.

Life carried on, I moved to a foreign country, I graduated, I got married to Mr Right and he gave 2 wonderful children. That was not enough! I was blessed I had found a real Dad, my husband’s father. A man that loved me like a daughter, a man that idolised me, that gave me confidence, that praised everything I would say or would do. He thought the world of me and I knew it. When he died, the ground collapsed and I went down with it. 

Although the loss feels heavy, I am forever grateful to him for being my stand-in dad and teaching me what it’s really like to have a loving father who thinks you’re enough  This therapy changed me completely! I’m good enough and I’m stronger than ever. I got up again and now I am ready to live fully.

Please please don’t let other people knock you down no matter who they are, YOU ARE ENOUGH ❤️ 

March 2016


“Thank you Lorraine. You have been  a great help to me through the most difficult time of my life. I now feel strong, content and look forward to the future knowing that I will make my Dad proud.”

May 2016

” Hi  Lorraine. I hope you are well. I just wanted to message you because I wanted to say things are well still and I’ve achieved some amazing things thanks to your help!! My confidence has really improved and the nerves and catastrophising has really taken a back seat. On Sunday I began flying lessons, I actually flew a plane for a whole hour! and yesterday I traveled 4 hours on trains and tubes which used to bring me to tears and panic attacks! and today I got a new job within the same company but still a new role. All thanks to your help and support! It is so encouraging to know there’s a life you can back and a light at the end of the tunnel. And the time I used to spend on focusing on old negative experiences which now I don’t ever think about thanks to the fancy light machine (EMDR)… I feel like I did 10 years ago or even more.”

Feb 2017